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Are #NFTs just a fad or are they changing the way we exchange items of value? @Ripple CTO @joelkatz discusses the future of tokenization. Watch the discussion:

We're gearing up to embrace a more #sustainable, digital future with #blockchain technology, and we're looking for people ready to be a part of this change. Take a look at our open positions and join the team.

We’re proud to join the @CryptoClimAcc alongside @energywebx, @UNFCCC, @AIRinnovate, @Consensys, @CoinSharesCo, @RockyMtnInst & more. Together, we can decarbonize all #blockchains!

Can #blockchain technology be used to incentivize saving energy? Discover how our University of Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI) helped UPenn install sensors to monitor each student’s energy and environmental performance.

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